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Transporters warned about e-manifests

Border Beat: Transporters warned about e-manifests

Feature by Staff Reporter - Freight News

Border Beat: Transporters warned about e-manifests

Stuck in cyber limbo is one way of describing the situation in Zimbabwe, where the country’s Revenue Authority (Zimra) has advised that there are 10 000 e-manifests awaiting clearance in Asycuda – the regionally used online method for digital clearance.

In a message circulated by the Transit Assistance Bureau (Transist), Wilfred Ramwi, general manager for the Transport Operators’ Association of Zimbabwe, said Zimra had decided to place affected transporters on notice to clear such outstanding manifests immediately.

Failing which, he warned, fines would be issued “for such omissions in terms of the law.

"This is a serious matter which requires your urgent attention," Ramwi concluded.

The warning led a Transist member to ask: “How do we ensure our side is clean?

"They don’t respond to emails quickly."

"Also, there are times we have had issues that they don’t respond to."

It gives transporters no alternative but to create a new manifest.

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